Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Day Of The Triffids

Here is an incredible painting made for a poster of the 60's sci fi horror film "The Day Of The Triffids" involving giant plants attacking people. The colors and the loose almost abstract brush strokes in this painting are excellent. I especially dig the little detail of the human remains dangling out of the Triffid beast near the leg of the woman. If only the creature really looked like that in the film. At some point later this year I'll be doing a Monster Movie week where I'll share a large array of movie posters with various abominations. And thanks to Hugo Strikes Back I noticed that this film has been posted online, click here to see it.

1 comment:

Shivers said...

The triffids? These artist have quite the imagination. They do look cool too though. Is that fire coming out of its mouth or its tongue?