Monday, December 04, 2006

Paul Flora
Austrian artist Paul Flora has made hundreds of dreamlike drawings. According to his website his early works were influenced by the symbolist artist Alfred Kubin.

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2nd Gallery

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Anonymous said...

This artists work is amazing to me, more so than others because I have seen beings like this in reality.
I don't care if I sound crazy or if anyone believes me or not but I have been seeing beings that resemble the weird bird people in black suits for years!
I don't think it is a coincidence that I stumbled upon this artist.
By all normal considerations I am quite sane, I am not on any medications (maybe I should be?) and I am not an alcoholic.
Perhaps they are an avatar of some strange dreamworld being, materialised into our "Reality" by some unknown force!
After reading what I just wrote I think maybe I am insane!
But who judges what is real and what is not?
What is the definition of normal?
How would you define what is real?