Thursday, December 28, 2006

Charles Dellschau
"Dellschau (1830-1923) was an enigmatic self-taught artist -- a Texas butcher who spent his retirement cloistered in an attic painting large-scale books of flying machines. Forgotten for nearly fifty years after his death, his books were unearthed in the late 1960s. A visually compelling body of work created by America's earliest known visionary," - quote from here.

Here are some really bizarre sculptures made after the fantastic aircraft designs of Dellschau by Terry Nowell.

2nd Gallery
3rd Gallery
Small biography with pics
Article from Raw Vision
More info on the life of Charles Dellschau


pk said...

Heh. I did a post on Dellschau last year at Mefi. It was something of an initial prompt for me to start a site actually. And the quote you have there comes from Lauren Redniss whom I linked up lately for her new book as a thanks for having helped prompt me inadvertently (I had seen an inbound linky from her site and went a-googlin'). All the world is circular and made of Kevin Bacons.

(and thanks for the kind words in the post up above)

Terry Nowell said...

Thanks Aeron for including me on your blog site...much appreciated.
Dellschau was the true genius!!
Come see the sculptures some time.