Friday, November 03, 2006

Scottie Wilson

"At the age of 44 he began doodling with one of the fountain pens that he collected for resale in his shop and discovered his passion for art. In his own words:
“I’m listening to classical music one day – Mendelssohn – when all of a sudden I dipped the bulldog pen into a bottle of ink and started drawing – doodling I suppose you’d call it – on the cardboard tabletop. I don’t know why. I just did. In a couple of days – I worked almost ceaselessly – the whole of the tabletop was covered with little faces and designs. The pen seemed to make me draw, and them images, the faces and designs just flowed out. I couldn’t stop – I’ve never stopped since that day.”
It was there that he began his work, embodying a personal code of morality wherein characters called “evils and greedies” are juxtaposed with naturalistic symbols of goodness and truth. " quote taken from here.

Selected Works from the Henry Boxer Gallery
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Single Image
Single Image
Photographs of Scottie Wilson

You can purchase a book of Wilson's artwork here.

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