Saturday, November 11, 2006

Gotou Hidekado
This artist blog has some really weird imagery, for example a girl inside a living monster costume with birthday candles in its head. The March section has some great drawings, be sure to click on them to see very large versions.

Adam pointed me in the direction of a second gallery hosting the artwork found on this blog.


Adam said...


Here another links I found to this guy. Amazing find, by the way. According to his japanese profile he made a bunch of wierd rap from the 90's until 2003 when he decided to start drawing and I guess this is the result. He uploads all his drawings online.

aeron said...

Thanks for that second link. I wonder what his rap sounds like. I've been sitting on this link since March when the blog was apparently started? I decided to hold off on posting it until there was more artwork on there. I was impressed with these new kids in giant monster costumes, really strange. One of the pics has a pie or cake with little people standing inside each piece, I thought that was really weird.

aeron said...

Heheh, adam check out the newest post on this guy's blog.