Sunday, October 01, 2006

Vladislav Yerko
Here is another Russian fantasy book illustrator.
Click here to see 30 illustrations from "Alice In Wonderland".
And as with the previous artist, scroll thru the text on this page to access links to additional artwork by Yerko and to find an interview.

Check out this strange drawing by Virgil Finlay . Many thanks to Hyperdave at Datajunkie for the great quality scan of this incredible image.


Anonymous said...

and thanks for those Polish posters from the 80's, a "must".
Here is a link of a very interesting virtual gallery about medicinal etchings of observations on real human monsters (which sometimes go over the notion of real):

click on "Les monstres, de la renaissance à l'âge classique"

...serious stuff!

aeron said...

Thanks for the link, Richard! Those mutilated faces are like living breathing Francis Bacon paintings! Very bizarre and inspiring.

Anonymous said...

why there's not any link to Joel Peter Witkin fabulous work???
here is a good one with old and recent works:

this is a must on monsterbrain!


aeron said...

I've been holding out on Witkin. I've got a reserve list of a lot of artists that I haven't posted yet for slow days, he's one of them. I wasn't aware of that webpage of his work, thanks. Lots of images on there. I actually took a trip to Chicago several years back to see a gallery of his work but I got stuck in traffic and made it to the gallery just after they'd closed! I'm very curious to see his images in person as I've read about him putting thick layers of beeswax over the image surface. And if you've seen my digital stuff you'll know he's a great influence on my own work.

I'll have to post him soon.

Anonymous said...

Jerko is from Ukraine, not Russia.He is ukrainian