Saturday, October 07, 2006

Jean Benoit
"One of the most exciting members of the French surrealists during the 40's and 50's, and up till the present day, Jean Benoît was a performer of unsettling activities, bazaar rituals... most notably the Exécution Du Testament Du Marquis De Sade in 1959. Strange drawings, macabre sculptures, even now he has one eye in the shimmering spectral cities of the dark world, and one eye that casts a pitch black shadow in the sunlight of the everyday. He sees all with his blood that masquerades as a window..."

Benoit's unique sculptures stand apart from most other works associated with the Surrealist movement in their absolute nightmarish appearance. The costumes designed by Benoit, two of which can be seen here and one here, have been a source of great inspiration in my own work. Click here to see a character I designed which was inspired by Benoit. Other artists which I've noticed to be inspired by his works are Giger and Axel.

The two galleries I've found online with the works of Jean Benoit can be seen here and here.

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Just found your site. The real deal. I shall take it in small doses at first, thereby preserving my sanity!