Wednesday, October 11, 2006


"When Star Wars was released in 1977 the world went crazy. Nearly every character and even those character's races enjoyed their chance in the spotlight. Such was not so for the wookies. Most of the race rejected popular press and exposure, retreating to and adapting to other locations to escape the bright lights of the Lucas Empire. In 1984 an oceanic explorer on a routine dive discovered what is now known as the "aquookie". Aquookies are wookies that somehow hypersped evolution and quickly adapted to the deepest parts of the ocean. Their fur has become slimy and resembles a bright tropical seaweed. Their diet and exposure to salt water has transformed their eyes to appear as jewels. No dive has ever resulted in the capture of a specimen. The aquookie figure is the result of a few rare photos shot in the mid and late 80's. Aquookies have not been spotted in over a decade. Many believe them extinct.

Aquookies are hand painted and numbered. Only 10 were made. Each one comes bagged with header card. Cost is $30 (price includes shipping in the U.S.) No international shipping available."

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