Friday, September 15, 2006

Michael Coudenhove Kalergi
"His playful, extremely graphic style was dominated by a fairytale-like mannered alienation. Formally orientated to Austrian baroque, Alfred Kubin's dreamworlds and Fritz von Herzmanovsky-Orlando's poetry of dazzling decadence, the artist mainly created fantastic vedutes. Oil paintings, watercolours, brush-and-ink drawings and etchings of European city views, historical architecture and landscapes. They were populated by insects, fish, birds and mythical creatures or combined with historical trains and cars. In Coudenhove's work the interest in topographical details and the delight in telling about the psychologicalisating element always dominated and humour, farce and the fascination of the morbid stood in the fore." quote taken from here.

There's very little that I've been able to find of this artist online, but they are all amazing works of imaginary visions. If anyone can point me to more work by this artist I would appreciate it!

4 paintings
2 Paintings
1 Painting

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